How to fix the damaged curly hair?

So what Causes Damage to Curly Hair? Before figuring out how to repair your hair, you must first identify the cause of the damage. While some culprits are obvious, like heat and coloring chemicals, others can fly under the radar.

Sometimes, things like rough detangling, over-styling, or harsh weather can cause wear and tear on your hair over time. 

Curly hair has its own needs, different from other hair types. Using the right products is essential to making sure that your curls are getting everything they need. While it’s easy to get caught up in trying to achieve “perfect curls,” it’s important that what you’re putting in your hair is doing more than just making it look good.

What your curls need most is MOISTURE! This is what helps them grow and adds shine and definition. Look for products that’ll hydrate your hair and are free of harmful and drying ingredients.

Detangling properly with the right tools and the products is the first step to liven up those sexy curls. Wrong detangling brushes can cause breakage that leads to split ends and we know how that plays out. Pick up our EZ Brush and give it a shot with your favorite detangling products, you will be surprised we promise. You can check out how to properly use our brush right here.  

Trust The Process:

The most important thing is to trust the process. Whether you’ve damaged your curls from straightening your hair or bleaching too often, it’ll take time for your hair to start bouncing back – healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight! You just have to treat it well and be patient, and slowly but surely you’ll see that your curls will thank you for it