Why should you own an EZ Detangler Brush?

Many years ago, when I was a cosmetology student, we were given this detangling brush. EZ Detangler Brush is used for detangling and teasing hair. Even after TWO years, this brush is still in perfect shape. I underestimated the value of this brush until I decided to stop getting chemical relaxers. Before then, I hardly used it. My natural hair is much easier to detangle utilizing this brush.

How to use an EZ Brush to detangle hair?

There are many uses for the EZ Brush; however, I use it to detangle my naturally curly hair mainly. Every time I wet my hair, whether it is to detangle or style, I use this brush. The plastic bristles protect my hair as I work through the knots and tangles. Here are the steps that I use to get tangle-free hair.

  1. Cleanse hair in the shower with a sulfate-free shampoo and our EZ Scalp Massage Brush. This will help massage the scalp and wash hair correctly.
  2. Then I use a generous amount of conditioner, and I saturate every strand in preparation for detangling.
  3. Beginning at the hair ends, I gently work the tangles out, moving up to the root.
  4. If your hair is not too messy and tangled, you can brush your hair before washing your hair. It will leave your hair manageable after a shower.

Define Curls with an EZ Brush

Defining curls with the EZ is easy. This brush can detangle and separate curls for a more polished look. Tame frizz by smoothing the hair with the back of the EZ brush. As you work through the tangles, turn down your wrist as if you were using a curling iron. Use your favorite gel or mousse to get a longer-lasting curl.

Investing in the proper tools for detangling hair is essential. Many people don’t know how to take care of curly hair and manage it. They choose a ton of products and invest without knowing anything about the product. However, for managing hair properly, nothing but a detangler brush is enough. And the EZ Detangler brush can meet all of your needs quickly for managing hair.

The main reason for the popularity of this brush is it is reasonably priced and also lasts for quite a long time. A detangling brush can support you for years. Moreover, you can also enjoy tangle-free hair anytime and anywhere. So, say bye-bye to the messy hair and hello to beautiful curly queen goodness