A total game-changer, I have the tightest 4C curls and its a nightmare blow drying my hair before straightening. EzDryer™ ION cut down this process by an hour without the heat damage.

Caitlyn G. | United States

Now you can skip the heat damage & dry super kinky and coily Hair Types (2A – 4C) with our EZ Dryer-ION

EZ Dryer-ION can dry easily after you detangle Hair without any issues. Simply turn the dryer on and detangle in sections & the dryer will do the rest.

(Much easier detangling & drying with Type 1 & 2 hair)

EZ Dryer-ION makes wash days a breeze as it cuts down the drying time in more than half. The Curved paddle makes it easy to reach all the areas making it so much easier to detangle and dry.

Now You don't have to hold off on wash days and look tangle and knot-free in confidence each and every day

Look absolutely flawless

Look absolutely flawless with your naturally curly hair. Our company made it its mission to make it easy to go all-natural in less time than ever. This blow out here took less than 10 minutes.

Simply detangle with our Patented EZ Detangler Brush and then use our Dryer ION to blow dry it, this will significantly reduce your hair styling session so you can go out in style.


Feel Confident
Get salon hair dryer brush with one hand at home, getting stylish hair

Comfort Meets Style:
Made super light so you don't tire your arms out while drying your hair.

Frizz No more
The negative Ion charges Reduce frizz and knots to keep healthy hair

Save on Tools
Dry, straighten & volumize hair all with our EZ Dryer-ION

Suitable for all hair types
Experience the versatility as this works all hair types

Our Customers Love it

Package Contains

  • 1 X EZ Dryer ION
  • 1 X US Charging Cable
  • 1 X Instructions Manual

Do You Want the Perfect Blow-Out

Get You a EzDryer-ION

14 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

All purchases are covered with our 14 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. Covers any and all unopened packages. Unable to accept open packages due to the current events and the nature of this product.

If for any reason you don't want our EZ Dryer-ION , just send it back within 2 weeks in its original packaging and get a full stress-free refund!

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Frequently Asked Questions

EzDryer-ION is great for all hair types. Its unique paddle with bristle design allows it to detangle and blow dry at the same time

We looked into several studies on different hair texture and types to ensure we are using precise heating mechanism to ensure safe blow drying experience for your natural hair.

For best results EzDryer-ION should be used on damp hair. But you can definitely use dryer on damp or dry hair.

Currently we are on launch phase, and we are only manufacturing with US-plug for the time being. But rest-assured we will be launching worldwide very soon

Not at all, we ensured the handle stays manageable even on high setting so you can safely use the Dryer.

EzDryer-ION is made with ultralight material, so its the perfect companion anywhere you go

You should never dry completely wet hair. Be sure to towel dry your hair, and once the hair is damp start using the Dryer in low mode and then go up to high to throughout dry your hair.

Yes ofcourse, be sure to test the heat settings on the back of your hands first to ensure its not too hot.

This is 3-in-1 One step Drying solution. EzDryer-ION will dry, detangle and volumize your hair. But it will not replace a straightening iron.

Customer Reviews



Stumbled across this website after searching for a detangling brush for me and my girls hair...and found this amazing comb blow dryer! And after reading all of the great reviews/feedback, I just have one question. Are you guys working on restocking anytime soon because I’d really like to snatch up one...or maybe two :)


Ronni E.

This product is amazing. I watched many, many, many, many online videos on this and was looking forward to trying this on my daughter's Afro 3B/C hair. The results are amazing. The pictures attached show results of only after 4 minutes use. Blown away by the ease, simplicity and the results... I strongly recommend this product.


Ingrid J.

Very happy i bought it, no regrets at all. It does the job and leaves the hair very soft. I wish i had it earlier, i wouldn't have cut my hair but it's still good for my new hair bcus it's not so short too, and it also dries my daughters long natural hair very well, they said they prefer it more than normal dryer with comb attachment.


Brittany H.

I wasn't sure about this hairdryer at first. I wanted something to cut down the huge amount of time spent blow-drying and then straightening my frizzy, dry shoulder length hair. This brush definatyely did the job for me! I'm telling my family and friends about this. highly recommend!


Tikka A.

It dried my hair much faster than a regular hairdryer, and much sleeker. The airflow through the bottom half of the brush is great.I was trying to decide between this and the revlon one step, and I went with this because I wanted something which would be fast, and I don't have time to section my hair etc. It definitely did a good job.