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The EzDetangler™ PRO
The EzDetangler™ PRO

The EzDetangler™ PRO

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EZ Dryer™ ION - Professional Blow Dryer
EZ Dryer™ ION - Professional Blow Dryer - Ez Detangler Brush
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EZ Dryer™ ION - Professional Blow Dryer

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The EZ Detangler™ Brush
The EZ Detangler™ Brush - Ez Detangler Brush

The EZ Detangler™ Brush

From $15.95 Regular price $28.95

360° Mist Spray Bottle
360° Mist Spray Bottle - Ez Detangler Brush

360° Mist Spray Bottle


Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush
Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush - Ez Detangler Brush

Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush


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Caitlyn G.

I absolutely love this hair brush! My hair usually retangles immediately after brushing and this brush didn't allow it. It brushed out in half the time it takes a normal brush. I'm going to recommend this brush to everyone I see. I wish I'd always had it. I used to dread washing and brushing my hair, but not anymore. My hair gets so tangled sometimes that I just want to cry, however this went through my worst tangles like a breeze. Thank you so much for making a brush that changes lives.

Ronni E.

This is so amazing on my lil girls hair.. Cut the brushing time after her bath in half! A natural house with whole different texture types we always had to use different tools to detangle. Finally EZ Detangler Brush was able to detangle all their heads. So glad I ordered three so we are never without one ❤️

Ingrid J.

My daughter just loved her new brush and she used to cry when EVER i needed to spray water on her hair with a normal spray bottle but no problem at all with this one and The scalp massage was as well a BIG hit... I really recomend this for everyone...even me and my husband use them hahaha we just Love them 🥰 Thanks so much.

Brittany H.

We Love Our New EZ Detangler Brush! Getting through her curls was such a challenge before even with a wet brush, but not anymore! We both used to dread the detangling days. Not so much anymore. it only takes a fraction of the time and hardly any tears! Huge huge love from us for creating this and for blessing my news feed. Never have i purchased from online this quick and I have no regrets. 

Tikka A.

OK, this brush is ... THE BOMB. I did not know what a brush was really supposed to do, until this brush. I went natural 2 years ago and I have been using denman brush & I would really have a lot of hair in my brush, figured it was because I have seborrheic dermatitis. I was used to losing hair. Used EZ brush for 2 wash days & yesterday, there was not a single hair left in the shower. I was shocked. LITERALLY. ran to every room & told everyone about this brush. 

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