Shipping & Handling


All orders ship within 24-36 hours depending on when the order was placed except Priority Shipping as they are shipped the same day. 

     Standard Shipping (US)  3-7 Business Days
     USPS Express (US)  2-4 Business Days
     Same Day Priority Express (US)  1-3 Business Days
     DHL Shipping (EU)   8-14 Business Days

**We allow a 24-hour time period before shipping out your package so you can make any order/address adjustments. In peak seasons, shipments can take up to 5 business days. 

Once the order has been dispatched you will be sent a Tracking Code in your email with which you can use to track your order in this site here 
Please note:
We pay the shipping on all orders for you except Express shipping.
We subsidize Express shipping but we are unable to cover all the costs at this time.

**Ships from Wisconsin, so our Curly Queens in the USA will see a much faster shipping time


We ship daily from Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year except for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Occasionally orders may not ship the 'next-day' due to stock issues, lacking order information or billing delays. Orders placed on Saturday will ship the following Monday or next open business day.
We offer Free Shipping on all orders, except promotional and giveaway offers.
We have received and fulfilled orders from over 195 countries across all the different continents. We are not liable for any custom fees that your country may impose on products purchased, this must be handed by you the purchaser.

All address change request must be sent within 24 hours within the placement of the order. Addresses cannot be changed or updated after this time frame has passed.
So be sure to email us as soon as possible at

EZ Detangler Brush is not responsible for lost or stolen shipments or orders sent to incorrect, invalid addresses or insufficient addresses. It is always in our best interests to make sure you receive your parcel in a timely manner and we will assist as much as possible to trace a missing parcel.

EZ Detangler Brush is not responsible for refunds of shipping costs in the event of delayed shipping due to Product Unavailability or Custom Checks


Reshipment policy depends on your local post office polices regarding packages that does not get picked up by you. Due to providing insufficient, incorrect address local post offices fails to deliver packages and then proceeds to holds the package for certain time period, if the package is not picked up by the customer some local office abandons your package (it gets thrown out), and some will be kind enough to sent it back to our warehouse . So in a case

  • If a package is returned to our warehouse - due to invalid/incomplete address, and you want us to reship your package again, A $4.95 reshipment fee is charged as we have to go through reshipping process. This FEE is not covered by the any FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION we may have running at the time. (**Your order is eligible for refund, only when the package reaches our warehouse) 
  • If a package gets abandoned/thrown out by your local post office - due to invalid/incomplete address, and you want us to reship your package again, A $6.95 reshipment fee per item is charged as we have to go through process a brand new brush and ship process. (This case is not eligible for refund, as the package is abandoned, therefore lost) ~At this price we are literally taking a loss, but we still offer this to keep our customers happy

Please sent us an email and we will check with our warehouse to see which of these policies your local offices may follow and provide you with reshipment fee invoice

You can find more details on our reshipment policies right here 


Please open a ticket on our support portal for any and all shipping inquiries. Be sure to include your order # and email used during placing the order so our support team can quickly locate your order and help.