EZ Detangler TM

A Must Have for All Natural Hair

Hate wash days? Not anymore - make those curls pop and shorten your routine with the EZ Detangler.

5.0 Reviews
  • Detangle All Hair Type in half the time
  • Flexes to reduce snagging & pain
  • Minimizes pulling, so less breakage
  • Made extra durable, build to last

Ronni E.

5.0 Reviews

This is so amazing on my lil girls hair.. Cut the brushing time after her bath in half! A natural house with whole different texture types we always had to use different tools to detangle. Finally EZ Detangler Brush was able to detangle all their heads. So glad I ordered three so we are never without one ❤️

Basic Features

Revolutionary Detangler Brush for Curls

Detangling hair can seriously damage natural hair. Revive and instantly smooth strands with this easy-to-clean brush.

  • 01

    Eight Separate Panels

    Separate panels gently flexes through knots to detangle. This means less yanking, less breakage, and much less pain.

  • 02

    Curved body

    This curved ergonomic design gets close to the scalp without pulling or hair loss. Allowing it to detangle all hair, from loose waves to tight coils.

  • 03

    Hollow comb

    With our hollow body design, cleaning has never been easier. Simply separate panels and place it under running water for no mess clean

  • 04

    Locking Clip

    Pinholes at the back of the brush to use locking clip. This allows brush versatility it needs to detangle other hair types

  • 05

    Rubber handle

    A durable thick rubber handle with superb grip, so the brush can be used in any condition, dry or wet. In or outside of Shower.

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    EZ Detangler1 Brush

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    EZ Detangler1 Brush

    5.0 Reviews
    Pick a Color

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    2 Colors Bundle Pink + Blue

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    2 Colors Bundle Pink + Blue

    5.0 Reviews


Design for Straight &Curly Hairs

  • Confidence is key

    Our EZ Detangler brush boosts confidence with salon-quality results. A wash-and-go that brings out your natural glow.

  • Skip the pain

    We all feared that yank of a hair brush as kids. Skip the pain with this fast and pain-free alternative for children and adults.

  • Less shedding

    Separate plastic bristles protect hair and promote growth with evenly distributed pressure.

  • Detangle in half the time

    Removing tangles shouldn't be this hard. Cut your hair routine in half - even for the kinkiest curls.

  • Save Money

    Skip that salon appointment and look just as fabulous with our long-lasting detangler.

How to Use

Quick & EZ Steps

  • 01

    Moisturize with your favorite conditioner

    Step 1: Wet hair with just water or apply your favorite conditioner (best for Type 4 hair).

  • 02

    Brush Vertically First

    Section hair and start brushing vertically from ends to roots, to take out the toughest knots

  • 03

    Finally, Brush Horizontally

    Simply follow through with horizontal brushing to take out remaining knots for snag free experience


Buzzfeed UK, Featuring

EZ Detangler TM

Our revolutionary EZ Detangler went viral in a Buzzfeed UK video. Here, three influencers try out the brush on wash day. During the process, they were in awe of how effective, easy and comfortable it was. Finally - an option that caters to your needs.

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  • High Quality

Why EZ Important

EZ Detangler

Cheap Knockoff (Amazon)

Wet Brush

Wide Tooth Comb

Flexible Bristles (Less Snagging)
Durability (Lasts Longer)
Rubber Handle (Better Grip)
Versatile (Locking Clip)
Easy To Clean

Don't Take Our WordFor It

100,000+ tender-headed goddesses of all textures swear by the EZ Detangler brush - that’s all the proof you need!

  • What A Amazing Brush

    "This is so amazing on my lil girls hair...Cut the brushing time after her bath in half! A natural house with whole different texture types we always had to use different tools to detangle. Finally EZ Detangler Brush was able to detangle all their heads. "

    Ronni E
  • Make My Life Easer

    "Ok, this brush is...THE BOMB. I did not know what a brush was really supposed to do, until this brush. I went natural 2 years ago and have been using denman brush & would really have a lot of hair in my brush, figured it was because I have seborrheic dermatitis. I was so used to losing hair. Used EZ Brush for 2 wash days & yesterday, there was not a single hair left in the shower. I was shocked. LITERALLY. ran to every room & told everyone about this brush."

    Amelia Kemani
  • Beware: Dont buy the Amazon Knockoffs

    This brush is a game changer! Returning back to your site today to order one for my niece. I hope you all have a patent on this! LADIES.. Do not fool around with the knockoffs in Amazon. I bought one and it was an absolute waste. Only buy from here.. PERIOD!! Hands down the best curly girl purchase I ever made

    Maisha T
  • THE BOMB..

    I absolutely loved it loved it loved iittttt!!! 🥳🥳 I used it to detangle my moms dry hair and it was amazing. Then i tried it on my wet hair and my finger curls were THA BOMB.... Delivery was quick And I am very satisfied with my purchase.

    Danielle D. Stubbs
  • Believe the Hype

    This brush REALLY is the TRUTH💃💃💃 my Husband ordered it online & surprised me with it and I got to use it for the 1st time the other day & I was FLOORED at how good it really works!!! So yes ladies please believe the hype💯

    Crystal M
  • Works on All Types

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. These are on my list to hand out as Christmas gifts this year for sure!!!! Thank you for a product that delivers one of the easiest detangling experience. I have four daughters ages 20 down to 7 with four different hair types and it works for all 4 perfectly!!!!!!!!

    Nina E

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