Share the Fun while you Curl with EZ and Glow up

How are you liking your EZ Detangler Brush so far? Are you using it to define your curls, maybe you are using it to make ringlets or taking down your protective style. Maybe you are detangling your beautiful tenderhead full of curls using your favorite conditioner.  

We would love to see your favorite way to use it. Follow us on Facebook [EZ Detangler Brush] and Instagram [@EzDetanglerBrush] and send us a video here at, so we can highlight how you use your EZ Detangler Brush!


We love to partner up with Organizations and Events to spread knowledge on Healthy Natural Hair Living. We made it our mission to educate our young generations to love their curls early on and we would love your help.

Reach out to us here at to learn more details or share your own ideas on how we can help