Professional Hair
Detangling From Home

Aren’t you tired of spending time and money in beauty salons?

Don’t you wish you could detangle your hair without leaving home?

And how about skipping the pain that usually accompanies these long sessions?

Today you can detangle your hair painlessly, quickly, and without the expensive salon visits!

Our EZ Detangler Brush uses innovative technology to make your hair look gorgeous effortlessly from the comfort of your home!


Our detangler works perfectly with water or any type of conditioner.
You no longer need to keep a cabinet full of products to supplement your detangling routine.


EZ Detangler Brush suits all hair textures (1A-4C). Now you can share your detangler with your kids, siblings, and friends, even if they have different hair textures.


Professional hair detangling at a hair salon can cost a fortune.
But with our detangler, you no longer need to spend money per session. You can detangle your hair for years with just our EZ detangler.


EZ Detangler Brush flexes through your hair to reduce snagging and pain.


Our detangler doesn’t pull the hair and flexes through knots, making it the perfect tool to detangle your children’s hair.
Turn detangling from a nightmare into a bonding experience with your kids.


EZ Detangler’s unique shape allows it to work efficiently and with minimum repetition.
Now you can spend more time with your family and cut down your detangling times in those busy mornings.

Dry Your Hair
Like A Pro

You must have heard that traditional blow dryers use blazing heat to dry your hair, leaving it severely damaged and prone to Breakage.
Then why are you still using these outdated and harmful devices when you could be drying your hair with safer, faster blowdryers?
EZ Dryer-ION uses innovative technology to dry your hair quickly and without the unsafe, hair-damaging heat.


Traditional blowdryers use blazing heat to dry your hair, making it prone to damage and breaking.
Our blowdryer uses the ION technology to break down water molecules on your hair. The negative ION charges reduce frizz and knots to keep your hair healthy.


The ION drying technology is much more efficient than just heating. It dries your hair much faster without the need for excessive heat. Now you can spend more time doing the things you love instead of drying your hair for hours


Heat damage is scary, especially for kids. Our ION-dryer uses just enough heat. It is 100% safe and suitable for all ages.


Most blowdryers can’t reach your roots because of the way they’re shaped. Wet roots become weaker over time, resulting in premature hair loss.
EZ Dryer-ION has a curved, ergonomic paddle design, allowing it to reach your roots and leave your hair completely dry.


Hair drying can often take a while, and traditional blowdryers tend to be quite heavy. That can quickly tire out your arms.
We make our blowdryers from super-lightweight, with your arm endurance in mind.


With an easy intensity-control switch, you can set the blowdryer to the level you are most comfortable with.

Prestagsia Suggs


This is the best investment I've ever made. Honestly. I've used this on both my Mom's hair and my daughter's and both blew out beautifully and allowed me to accomplish a style on my daughters hair that I usually can not without fly aways from her curls. Can't wait to try it on my own hair!

Karilynn Myers


Why did I have to wait until I was 64 to find a dryer and brush that works on my natural hair? Because the Detangler wasn't around. My hair is to quote my mother " Baby lambs wool" soft and thick and coily. Top that off I'm tender headed. This detangler EZ Blower dries it after the brush has removed my tangles. Now I can let it grow! No more short cuts or relaxers or locs. This wass worth the wait! I LOVE this!

Ticha Warner


I have not used the blow dryer yet but baaaabbbyyyy!!!!! This ex detangler brush definitely delivered. I have extremely thick hair and even with my leave in conditioner it's a hassle to detangle my hair after washing it. The ez detangler brush gave me what I NEEDED and saved me so much time

Combining The Detangler
And The Dryer For Perfect Results

Both EZ Detangler Brush and EZ Dryer-ION will make your hair beautiful without causing pain or wasting your time and money.

But if you want to maximize their effect, we want to offer you a bundle deal to save even more time and money!

Usually, our EZ Detangler Brush costs $24.95, and the EZ Dryer-ION costs $74.95.

But today, you can take advantage of our special bundle-offer and get them together for only $59.95! That’s $50 in savings!

We are taking all the risk on ourselves with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

If for any reason you don’t like either product, return both of them within 30 days, and we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

EzDryer-ION is great for all hair types. Its unique paddle with bristle design allows it to detangle and blow dry at the same time

We looked into several studies on different hair texture and types to ensure we are using precise heating mechanism to ensure safe blow drying experience for your natural hair.

For best results EzDryer-ION should be used on damp hair. But you can definitely use dryer on damp or dry hair.

Currently we are on launch phase, and we are only manufacturing with US-plug for the time being. But rest-assured we will be launching worldwide very soon

Not at all, we ensured the handle stays manageable even on high setting so you can safely use the Dryer.

EzDryer-ION is made with ultralight material, so its the perfect companion anywhere you go

You should never dry completely wet hair. Be sure to towel dry your hair, and once the hair is damp start using the Dryer in low mode and then go up to high to throughout dry your hair.

Yes ofcourse, be sure to test the heat settings on the back of your hands first to ensure its not too hot.