You are Natural - You are Confident & Beautiful

t can be hard for women to leave behind the protective styling, extensions and relaxers that they have been taught they need. When a woman begins the process of growing out and embracing her natural curls, there can be a lot of worries and considerations. Could they lose their jobs over their choice to wear their natural curls?
Will they face questions, ridicule, or be targeted by others in stores or on the streets? Will their friends and families accept their new, natural look? All of these things can weigh heavily into a woman's decision about wearing her natural curls.
Times are changing, so many brushes out there today that make going natural easier than ever. There are all kinds of hairbrushes to choose from. There are those that are made to be part of a blow dryer so you can curl your hair as you dry it giving your hairstyle more body and lift. If you have thick curly hair an EZ detangler brush also helps control the unruliness of curly hair.

However, despite these worries and concerns, many curlies find that wearing their natural curls can be empowering and liberating. In addition to spending less time and money at the salon on services, they are afforded the opportunity to educate others about their curls.

Genuine questions and conversations about natural curl care have been born from people asking about their hair, and curlies are usually happy to tell others what they know. As times are changing and acceptance of natural hair is growing, people are less likely to be bullied or harassed for their hair.  Acceptance of one's curls happens in its own time, so don't be worried if it takes a little while to get used to your natural hair.